Recipes for Poets

Okay! Be prepared for a bit of silliness my friends… I figured since this was a recipe for a poet, what better then to put it into a little poem?

A Recipe for Poets

Gather your cheese of choice
whether it brie or simply
medium cheddar
or the comfort of smooth
fresh mozzarella
or a combination of all three!

And if you are of a mind
to be more kind
on your heart,
I will find it acceptable
to substitute low-fat.

Let’s start at the oven
a low-medium simmer,
slice a sliver of sweet
Irish butter
and lay it upon the spitting
skillet followed by
a piece of bread.

Now, do not fear
if butter is scary!
Simply spray two spritzes
of first cold pressing
first cold pressing

extra virgin olive oil,
because quality is a must.

With bread toasting, place
slices of bone-healthy
cheese, calcium necessary
due to excessive days
sitting, staring in front
of a computer screen

and as this gourmet grilled cheese
fit for a queen
melts to perfection
head outside
:quick now:
to pinch a sprig
of spicy basil
and upon returning
turn three times
before your window sill
and thank the sun

before feather-light
flicking of flaked spicy
leaves on your cheese

Place sandwich on plate
beside 2 cups precise
organic spinach in a
parmesan vinaigrette
French bath,
and do not forget two generous
heaps of raspberries
and blackberries.

Bon app├ętit!

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About Stephanie McManus

Please come visit for poetry described as whimsical, daring and perceptive. My writing tends to reflect on life experiences and the transformation of perceptions and subjective experiences into new states of mind. This site is unedited and raw. My journey with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can be found at This is a new website. My aim is to explore the process of acceptance through un-edited reflection and introspection. Another goal for this site as it unfolds is to provide support to others living with chronic illness. Research, advocacy, and events will be posted on a weekly basis, or more often depending on feedback. Please feel confident in opening up and discussing how I can make this a helpful website for you as it evolves. Categories will be located at the top of the page for usefulness in navigating a specific topic. Thank you for stopping by!

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